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Canada is open to tourists again. Here’s how to avoid criminal inadmissibility issues at the border

This year marks the first since the start of the pandemic that Canada is fully open to tourists. Canada imposed travel restrictions on tourists in March 2020 and lifted them for those fully vaccinated in late summer 2021. Effective April 1st, fully vaccinated tourists do not need to complete a COVID-19 test before entering Canada. Source:

How to get Canadian citizenship if your parent is a Canadian

There are significant benefits to being a Canadian citizen. You have the ability to live permanently in a country with a stable economy, society, and political environment. This includes having access to ample job opportunities, universal healthcare, high quality education for your children, and a passport that provides visa free travel to 185 countries. These… Continue reading How to get Canadian citizenship if your parent is a Canadian

Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and BC release immigration draw results

This past week, Quebec released its immigration draw results. BC held its weekly Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) round of invitations. Ontario and Manitoba also held PNP draws. Source:

IRCC updates processing times tool to provide more accurate information

On March 31, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced major updates to the government’s online processing times tool.  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) clients can now see more accurate estimates of how long it will take to process their application.  Source: