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This visa program is also recognized as general business immigration or investor visa program allowing foreigners to immigrate to Canada to start a business in any corner of the country. However, to be eligible for this program, the applicants and their companies should meet certain criteria so their applications don’t get declined. Typically, the business should be an innovative one and create employment opportunities for Canadians. Moreover, it should be competent enough to compete globally.

The conditions for the Startup Visa Program

Business criteria

When a designated company commits to the business:

  • All the applicants (maximum 5 candidates are eligible to apply as owners) should have at least 10% voting rights associated with outstanding shares of the business
  • Together with the designated company, all the applicants should have over 50% voting right associated with outstanding shares of the business
  • The candidates will play an active role in the management of the company while residing in Canada
  • The key operations of the business should at least partly take place in the country
  • The business should be incorporated in Canada

Letter of support

The business should have a letter of support from the designated company to prove its willingness to invest in the startup. The designated companies include:

  • Venture capital firms
  • Angel investor groups
  • Business incubators

Language requirements

The applicants should score at least level 5 in terms of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in reading, speaking, writing, and listening in French and English.

Settlement money

As the Canadian government doesn’t provide any financial support to such an investor visa, the candidates must prove that they have sufficient funds to settle themselves as well as their family in Canada.

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