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In order for parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to two years they will need a Temporary Resident Permit. Once this Visa is obtained it will be valid for ten years which will permit them to leave the country and re-enter during that time.

This Canadian Super Visa is not automatically granted for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and Permanent residents. They may not be admitted on the basis of health or for security reasons. There are also specific requirements that may need to be met by the Visa office that takes their application. The Canadian Visa Specialist can assist you with the entire proceedings of Super Visa program in North York, Toronto.

Parents and grandparents are required to prove that they will be supported during their stay in Canada, so that they will not become a burden on taxpayers.

Types of Supporting Documentation that may be asked for:

  • Birth Certificate naming applicant as parent or other proof of parental relationship with the child or grandchild.
  • Documentation that show that the child or grandchild qualifies for the Low Income Cut-off Minimum.
  • Proof that there is medical insurance covering the applicant(s) for at least one year, provided by a Canadian insurance company.
  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

The Visa application would be processed at the Canadian Visa Office that has responsibility over the applicant’s area of residence outside of Canada. There may be additional requests for documentation from some foreign Visa Offices as the application is processed. You are recommended to hire an eminent Super Visa Lawyer in Toronto to prepare your application.

The completed application will be examined looking for certain factors which may include:

  • What the purpose is for the visit to Canada
  • Whether or not the parents or grandparents are maintaining strong ties to their country or origin. Proof of family ties, financial ties and any other connections that continue outside of Canada may be asked for.
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