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Why Study in Canada?

Canada is one of the worlds most preferred destination to “STUDY” for many students from around the world. There are many quality secondary institutions for students to choose from. In addition, education in Canada is relatively more cost efficient than other countries of the world.

Study Permit

There are plenty of options for the students or candidates willing to study in Canada. Most international students will need to obtain a Study Permit to attend school in Canada, but there are exceptions.

A qualified Canadian educational institution must first send a letter of acceptance to the applicant requesting a Study Permit before Citizenship and Immigration Canada will issue the permit. There must also be proof shown that the applicant has the funds to support themselves and pay tuition. There are also cases where the applicant must pass a medical examination and obtain a Police Clearance Certificate.


There are cases where a student may be allowed to work while going to school:

  • After obtaining a Work Permit, the student may work off campus
  • If working on campus no Work Permit is required - under this program, the student does not require a study permit. It is mainly for courses whose duration is up to 6 months
  • Where work experience is required as part of the coursework a Work Permit is required, and this includes working in a Co-op or an Internship.
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