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Learn what a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is and how to qualify for it

Choose a province and immigrate permanently

Provincial Nominee Program aka PNP is a special program allowing Canadian provinces and territories to choose people wishing to immigrate to Canada permanently and settle in any specific province.

To get qualified for this program, a foreigner must have any of the following facilities:
  • Job offers – The applicants should have a valid job offer from any Canadian company operating from their preferred province. They can also show a nomination certificate from a close family member staying in Canada.
  • Approval from the provincial government – The job offer should be approved by the respective provincial government. The applicants should meet the criteria required by the province. Also, they must state the reason for their desire to stay and work in the concerned province or territory.
  • Application for permanent residency – As the applicants get the nomination certificate from the respective province, they can forward the same to Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC to get PR.

A PNP ensures quick access in terms of immigration to Canada. Unlike an Express Entry, no point-based system is involved with this program. The legitimate immigrants are entitled to getting government subsidies in healthcare, free education as well as other social benefits. The immigrants can further study work or make more investment in the business. PNP immigrants’ benefits are almost the same as those of the Express Entry visa holders. It is a valid medium for the permanent residence visa holder to apply for Canadian nationality.

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